...by the mall of Aktaiou street, at Theseum, under Acropolis’s shadow, at a place of elevated vibration, history, remembrance and civilization...

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Access to EsoTheatro is particularly easy, while it takes only few minutes walking from the metro station of Thessium, to approach it. As you exit the station on the side of Thessium Alsos (not Ermou Str.), you walk, with direction to Piraeus, parallel to the metro line. On your right you will pass in front of St. Athanasios Church (by Eptachalkou Str.) and immediately after that you will see Akteou Str. on your left, where after just 15m. you will find the entrance of EsoTheatro, opposite to a school.

You can also take a taxi from the metro station to get you there. Taxis are available in front of the station's exit.

Finally, there is a bus station (line 227) on Akteou Str., only a few metres from Esotheatro.

For your convenience you can consult the following map: